M3GAN: Horror for the whole family

 An artificial intelligence, a childlike doll, is a girl’s best friend. Although M3GAN’s task at hand is to keep her main user out of harm, she takes it too far.

scene from Megan movie
M3GAN will do anything to keep Cady out of harm’s way. (CNN)

Directed by Gerard Johnstone, the movie “M3GAN” is both horrific and comedic. The storyline follows a little girl, Cady, who loses her parents in a terrible accident, and is now under the care of her aunt Gemma. Gemma works in a toy company as she has a hand in artificial intelligence. Behind her boss’s back, is a project she created that she calls M3GAN. With the grief of her niece, she sets out to finish her project to both help Cady with the grief and present her idea to her boss. M3GAN’s purpose is to support, play with, and protect the child she is synced with. Even so, M3GAN takes her commands to the next level, as she will do anything to keep Cady out of harm. 

Throughout the movie, once M3GAN is introduced to the household and Cady, things go south. Cady, playing outside, loses an arrow that M3GAN sets out to retrieve, while doing so is attacked by the neighbor’s dog. Cady tries to help M3GAN but gets attacked herself by the rabid dog. The next day, the dog goes missing with no trace. In another scene, Cady is being bullied by a boy in the woods, where M3GAN steps in. Later that day the boy is found in the street having been hit by a car. 

Gemma begins to become suspicious of M3GAN’s activities. She tries to check M3GAN’S files, yet all have been corrupted and deleted. Out of worry Gemma wraps up M3GAN, fearing she might cause more harm. 

Gemma takes M3GAN to her work where she tells her colleagues to keep her there. After only a few minutes, M3GAN escapes to find Gemma who wants to shut her down. A fight between Gemma and M3GAN breaks out in her house, when Cady sees M3GAN for who she is. Cady and Gemma fight off the robot, until she is completely destroyed. 

At the very end of the movie, there seems to be a spoiler left. Gemma, being a tech head, has a virtual home assistant, who is seen at the end of the movie to have been taken over by M3GAN. 

Although the movie is advertised as a horror/sci-fi movie, it is also very comedic. The mix between horror and comedy keeps the audience intrigued but not as tense throughout the film. 

M3GAN can get gory, but it never passes the line out of being PG-13. Making the movie family friendly, funny, and eerie to keep viewers on their toes. 

Will the killer doll return? Is M3GAN actually gone? Will she attack again?