Louis Tomlinson created a masterpiece with his new album “Faith in the Future”

 After the famous boy band “One Direction,” broke up in 2015, the members in the group started to make names for themselves by releasing their own albums and going on their own tours, forming solo careers. Member Louis Tomlinson released a few singles in the years following the break up and then finally released his debut album, “Walls,” in 2020.

louis tomlinson album cover
“Faith in the Future” album cover. (Louis Tomlinson)

   Now, with the release of his second album, “Faith in the Future,” I can confidently say he has truly broken away from the past of his music career.

   Like his first album, “Faith in the Future” has an indie-rock sound and vibe, except this time around, Tomlinson owns it more. The songs are just as personal, but Tomlinson’s confidence as he has had his success grow is more felt and shown in the music and I think it’s really beautiful.

   Personally, my favorite song was “Bigger than Me.” I loved the instrumentals, and the lyrics are beautiful. Even though it was the lead single, and people tend to hate on the singles and deem them as “bad songs,” Tomlinson outdid himself with this album and it’s shown in this song just as much as the others.

   I highly recommend this album for anyone that used to be a fan of One Direction but now prefers more rock instead of pop.