The Man From Toronto: Is this Kevin Hart’s best movie?

If you’re into comedy/action movies and have Netflix, “The Man from Toronto” needs to be added to your watch list TODAY!

Creating a movie with a stacked cast of talent takes work, but Netflix keeps doing it. “The Man from Toronto” contains recognizable names such as Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Cuoco, and Jasmine Matthews, to name a few.

kevin hart in man from toronto
The Man from Toronto features acclaimed comedian Kevin Hart and fellow actor Woody Harrelson. (Netflix)

The two main characters, Teddy Jackson, played by Kevin Hart, and The Man from Toronto, played by Woody Harrelson, are different in many ways but rub off on each other as the movie continues. 

Teddy Jackson is a goofy man who is more of a liability than an asset when it comes to having to be a “bad guy.” The Man from Toronto is a big scary man who is really good at intimidating others and fighting multiple people simultaneously.

The movie is put together very well and does an excellent job of engaging viewers’ attention throughout. But, if you’re not a fan of a long film, The Man from Toronto is not one I would recommend, as it pushes close to being two hours long. 

Another warning for potential viewers is that it contains strong language throughout the movie, and the showing of weapons, violence, and blood are also seen. If you’re not a fan of those things, then The Man from Toronto is not recommended.  

The Man from Toronto overall is an excellent piece of work recommended for those looking for a new movie to watch but are mature enough to handle the language and violence shown.