Student transfers high schools to play for football team

Transferring and moving schools is already hard as it is with choosing from which schools from the city would be best for you. Decision making has never been easier for Canyon Hills Football Player Cassius “Cash” Campbell when he had to choose which school would best suit him and his football career.

cash campbell plays football
Canyon Hills football player Casssius Campbell looking for teammate to pass football to at a recent game. (Justin Fine)

Cash is well known for his football performance and also for his transfer story which may catch an eye or two. Many wonder why he decided to move to play for Canyon Hills Football instead of playing football in his home state.

Well I was already going to move here” Cash says, “But I knew a coach who was in the city and so I decided to choose the school who had that coach in it.”

A seemingly reasonable choice to not only move here because the coach was moving to coach the school, but to continue playing football and pursue his career.

¨I felt more comfortable choosing this school since it had a coach I knew so I felt like this was the better choice¨ Cash adds on.

After moving to California and playing for Canyon Hills, Cash grew even closer to his new teammates thanks to following along with his coach which he had a close bond towards.

Opinions from his teammates who have also heard of his story describe how he did even after being new to the team.

“Cash was pretty good this season” High School Senior Eliseo Noriega says, “A well known player with the other teammates too.”

Closing the season off with the questions answered is a strong way for others to understand why he chose this school when they ask the question again when they see Cash on the field during his senior year.