Good grades promise rewards this school year for 10th grade students

students work hard in class to improve grades

Gio Hernandez

CHHS students are writing their essays to get a good grade.

After noticing poor grades in the class of 2025, counselor Susan Skinner took action by offeriing all sophomores with no Ds or Fs chocolate bars at the end of the semester.

students work hard in class to improve grades
CHHS students are writing their essays to get a good grade. (Gio Hernandez)

Canyon Hills High School is starting to develop unique tactics to improve student grades and keep them on track for graduation.

“I noticed last week that I sent out 150 D’s and F letters to sophomore parents,” Skinner stated. 

Skinner explained her scheme and how students can earn their chocolate.

“I went to all the 10th grade English classes and I said for every student that has no D’s or F’s for their December 5th progress report,” said Skinner. “I will give them a full size candy bar.” 

This action was her idea and she plans to pay for the cost of the candy. Skinner explained her concern and she hoped trying a bribe might work.

“What I’m trying to do is get those kids with D’s and F’s to get with the program; to figure it out,” said Skinner.

Many wonder if this effort will convince students to take action with their grades and start putting work into school. Skinner surely thinks so.

“When I did this before,” said Skinner. “The D’s and F’s went from a 160 to a 42 on the next grading period.” 

Many students may try to take advantage of this form of prize for acceptable grades. Some will like the chocolates as an extra plus, but there will be students that will need more. In other words, some students might not care for the chocolates and will continue having D’s or F’s.

“Specifically I don’t know how [to make it better], but chocolates is a way to start,” said student Edward Lopez.

Skinner states that she goes to classes once a week to remind them that a chocolate bar is what they’re getting if they pass all their classes by December.