Boy’s Cross Country Team Earns Plaque by Placing Second in Race

The Canyon Hills Boys JV team placed second at the 40th Annual Asics Southern Cal Invitational this year.

While having to run through difficult courses including hills, flat land, and swift down hill terrain, the Junior Vairsity’s overall score averaged out to 62!

cross country team accepts award
The boys cross country team after their win in the 40th Annual Asics Southern Cal Invitational on October 8th, 2022 at Guajome Park. (John Pisapia, CHHS Athletic Director)

Canyon Hills time average was 20 minutes and 24 seconds. That is only 13 seconds more than Mission Vista who placed first place with an average time of 20 minutes and 11 seconds. 

Cross Country is a sport that consists of running long distances and races on outdoor courses over natural terrain. “Cross country is very difficult because it’s all about endurance Really” James Connole, freshman jv team member who placed 48 out of 70, states how cross country really matters on your mental mindset and mentally. “You have to have a great mentality and also have to prepare yourself for the right mindset. If you don’t have the right state of mind, you’ll give up. Cross country is about leaving your comfort zone.”

James Connole is experiencing his first year on a high school cross country team who enjoys his team a lot because of how supportive they are and how they always have fun. The most difficult part of the race for Connole was the big hill all racers had to go up and down twice.

“Going up the hill drained a lot of energy from my teammates and I,” Connole said. “It took a lot of mentality to get through it after.” 

Connole also expresses his feelings for cross country by encouraging others to join because it’s a great supporting team and great exercise.