‘Russia’s continued terrorizing of the world could spell big trouble for us.’


  1. Russia’s threats of nuclear warfare
  2. North Korea flying missiles over Japan
  3. China potentially invading Taiwan
Vladimir Putin with russian military on warship
Vladimir Putin walks away from military aboard warship. (Daily Mail)

As the war in Ukraine continues, Putin has begun to take drastic measures in order to maintain his status as the feared dictator of a powerful country, rather than the man who failed to invade a country 28 times smaller than it.

     To say that Putin has instilled fear within people worldwide would be an understatement. Everywhere from Europe, The U.S. and Asia, Russia’s actions have had a ripple effect across the whole world, in the worst way possible.

     Ever since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has made many insane claims like going to war with the U.S. and using bombs on Ukraine as a fail safe, and the world has had good reason to fear the worst from Putin’s entourage. These threats have had people’s worries about national security at an all time high.

     That being said, a lot of fear in recent times has come less from Russia’s actual achievements, and more from the potential actions the country might take, as well as its allies.

     Such fears include:

  • North Korea nuking America or South Korea
  • China going to war with America
  • Russia nuking Ukraine
  • China invading Taiwan

     With the news of North Korea, a known Russian ally, flying missiles over Japan, the U.S. had no choice but to respond by flying their own missiles. Although the back and forth between countries has slowed down in recent months, we haven’t let down in our responses to global threats from Russia and its allies.

      Many government officials of the U.S. and U.S. allies have openly condemned Putin’s actions and vowed to take action if Russia may step out of line, to the distress of many.

      Some may say that a response from the U.S. could lead to conflict and increased tension between us and Russia. While this may be true, the potential consequences shouldn’t be something that prevents us from doing anything to stop Russia’s terrorizing of the world.

     If Russia, North Korea and China can continue to make threats and be responded to with fear, we’ll have failed as a country by being allowed to be bullied into submission by crazy dictators. 

     Despite the need for a response, it’s a fear among citizens that a global scale war could emerge with the tensions boiling between countries, and many Americans, especially those who live in largely populated areas that are potential targets of attack, have desired the U.S. to stay out of conflict.

    Although nowhere near the frontlines of the war, American citizens have felt the impact of the war, whether it be in the form of gas prices or the reduced resources from a lack of trade with Russia. The prospect of suffering physically, after such economic hardship in the forms of inflation, gas prices and stock market decreases, has steered many countries, not just the U.S., away from directly taking Russia head on.

     Even if we can’t fight Russia physically, taking them on indirectly is the only way we can win peacefully against the tyranny. Cutting off weapon resources from Russia, as well as supporting Ukraine through the crisis they are enduring will help in demoralizing Russia and turning the tides of the seemingly endless battle of egos.

     Without fighting back in some way, we’ll get walked all over, and that’s the last thing we need in this world, so our only choice is to stand our ground and go against the entourage of evil in the world.