Ukraine situation impacts students at CHHS

As tensions increase between Russia and Ukraine students have a lot to say as countless thoughts and emotions are running through everyone’s minds. Even on the other side of the world students here at Canyon Hills are still being affected.

Freshman Christian Balmaceda was asked about his thoughts on this topic, he stated how most of his information was received from social media, more specifically, “this one person on Instagram.” Balmaceda started by saying how he had no reasonable fears about this situation even though “people are making jokes that drafts will happen” and elaborated by mentioning how the only real effect that he and other freshmen are noticing is the irrational fear and bad mood that everyone is getting into, but besides that, there is no real effect that he is feeling. He also mentioned how he thinks things will improve soon, more specifically by saying that “I think that it will be resolved soon but casualties will continue.” Balmaceda closed his statement by saying “I just hope the citizens are okay.”

Many people are feeling the effects of the Ukraine and Russia dispute, but multiple students can still find peace even in this situation.