SDSU, Best Basketball Team in Past 5 Years


SDSU plays against CSU

Since the San Diego State Basketball Teams 2017-2018 season they have allowed an average of 61.98 points per game putting them number one nationally in that stat. They have an average of 39 rebounds per game, an average of 4.2 blocks per game. Yes they might not be the best team in the country over the past years, we may not have the highlight dunks or 100 point games, but what we do have is a pretty darn good defense.

Because of their lock down defense this allows them to play differently than almost any other team in the country. On each possession they average 25.3 seconds per drive while the NCAA average is 18. “This means they know they do not have to score a lot to beat these teams they are up against. So they take their time scoring and mess with the other team’s rhythm and put two guys on their best player instead of one. We are able to take out the opposing team’s number one scorer almost every game.”

For example, when The Aztecs played against Colorado State earlier this year, Colorado State came into the game on an eleven game winning streak, averaging 84.3 point per game as a team and their leading scorer David Roddy was averaging 25.2 points per game. Aztecs held Colorado State to 49 points and Roddy who was just ranked the number seven player in the country for his position was held to just four points. 4 POINTS!!! He had not scored under 18 on any game the entire year until playing us.

Another example of this is when the Aztecs beat Saint Mary’s earlier this year. They came into the game averaging 81.2 points per game and one of the hottest teams in the country after coming off a win against Gonzaga. SDSU held them to just 53 points which is the second lowest scoring game in the history of their college.

According to ESPN the Aztecs this year have the best defensive rating of any College Basketball team of all time. This stat takes into account rebounds, blocks, opponents points per game, opponents offensive rating, and strength of schedule. There is no way any other team has been as dominant defensively as SDSU had this year, last year, or in the past ten years.