New Semester Offers Fresh Start For Students

With a fresh start and a new beginning, the second semester is a chance for students and teachers to do better.

Monday, January 24th, marks the end of the first semester and the start of the new semester. Coming into the new year is a great opportunity for change. Both students and teachers have used the last semester as a learning and adapting experience.

Teachers are reusing many techniques and strategies that worked well with their students last semester. They are also beginning to take out things that they saw didn’t work so well.

“Definitely with finals I used a lot of flashcards and packets that the teachers gave. If you use all the resources that are given to you, you can do good,” says sophomore Azucena Uvalle.

After finals, students are tired from studying and the stress that came with it. All the grades were reset and everyone started off with a neutral position in all their classes. Students are taking this as an opportunity to start over and do better. Those who performed poorly last time are changing their ways and putting in the effort that is needed.

“For this semester I will try to get better test results and to get straight A’s this time,” says sophomore Jennifer Garcia.

Many students have set personal goals for themselves to achieve by the end of the school year. There are students preparing for spring sports that are starting this semester.

Some students are also transferring classes to get what they need to pass.

“I have noticed that students are a little more serious and they are a little more focused,” said Mr. Cotner.

Having a strong and positive mindset and goals are needed to succeed. It is important that students finish the year strong because it will set them up for the next school year. Having good grades can benefit students in the future.