CHHS performance of “Avenue Q” amazing

For the first two weeks of May, the Canyon Hills Theatre team performed a musical called “Avenue Q.” I was lucky enough to grab a ticket to see it, and I can gladly say that it was a marvelous performance.

chhs avenue q
The CHHS theater crew performing one of their songs during “Avenue Q.”
Source: Canyon Hills Theatre

The show was about a college graduate named Princeton (Emma Schweitzer) who moved onto a street called Avenue Q with one goal in mind: to find his purpose. On Avenue Q lived several monsters and people as well, including Kate Monster (Stephanie Schafstall), who Princeton immediately finds a connection with. It also focused on the lives and stories of the other people living on Avenue Q and their dreams and what they think their purposes in life are.

The show was absolutely hilarious, especially the songs. My favorite was definitely “The Internet Is For Porn.” The whole audience went up in laughter. I also enjoyed every character, but my favorites had to be Blue Bad Idea Bear (Nic Nguyen) and Red Bad Idea Bear (Chloe Clark). They were personified impulsive thoughts and watching them try to convince the other characters to do something bad was very funny.

Even within the humor, the show touched on mature topics and themes, both with the main plot of trying to find your purpose and the subplots, including inclusion and discrimination as well as accepting your own sexuality. These plots were done very well and it was great seeing how the crew handled them.

Overall, the CHHS theater team did an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see what else they do in the future.