Review: Last pep rally showcases CHHS pride

Walking into the gymnasium of Canyon Hills High School you could sense the eagerness and excitement of the students and staff showing off their colored school pride.

cheer squad at last pep rally 2023
Canyon Hills High School cheer squad performing for the Pep Rally- @canyonhillsrattlerscheer on instagram)

The rally began with a performance from the school’s color guard, who showed off their impressive stunts and dance moves. Their routine was filled with rifles high in the air and beautiful dance moves.

The rally continued with a performance from the school’s cheerleading squad, who showed off their impressive stunts and dance moves. Their energetic routine had the audience cheering and clapping along.

Next up was the school’s marching band, who played the school’s fight song and other upbeat tunes to get everyone in the spirit. The sound of the horns, drums, and cymbals filled the gym and added to the excitement of the rally.

The most memorable part of the pep rally, however, was the student-led skits and competitions. The students were split up into teams and competed in games like small-sided soccer, a rendition of ‘Honey, do you love me?’, and music trivia contests.

The friendly rivalry between classes and school spirit was contagious, and even those who weren’t typically interested in school spirit got caught up in the excitement.

Overall, the high school pep rally was a fun and energetic event that brought the school community together. It was a great way to show support for the sports teams and to the school’s spirit and pride.