Messi Knocked Out of the Champions

After Leonel Messi won the World Cup with controversial statements by the public saying that the refs were on Messi’s side, he was eliminated from the Champions. Messi’s own team was booing him in his own stadium which means that he is not wanted by PSG. To add on, PSG has never won a champions league in their history but is one of the richest clubs in the world. So that’s why a lot of people make fun of PSG and Messi. Another reason why people dislike Messi is because many people believe that the refs were on Messi’s side. In other words, people believe the World Cup is corrupted and Messi was always meant to win the World Cup. 

Player in disappointment
Messi eliminated in the champions league by Bayern Munich (The Athletic)

We interviewed students about what they think about Messi and this is what they said.

Junior student Alfredo Suarez, “ I love Messi and I always bought shirts and items that had his name. He is my favorite player and I adore him. I think that PSG fans are fake and they suck cause Messi is my everything and he is the best so there’s no need to hate him. PSG are nothing compared to Pumas fans because Pumas fans support the team and love the players and managers even when they lose 4-0 against Santos Laguna ”.

Also, Collin Gimenez stated, “ I actually don’t like Messi since I prefer Cristiano Rinaldo, so I am happy that fans are booing him. I believe that the World Cup was rigged and I hope that Ronaldo wins it one day. I also prefer Mondays cause we know what happens on Mondays: National Ronaldo Day”.