Manchester wins important game

The premier league is the most competitive football league in the world.

manchester wins
Colon Gomas and many other CHHS students were happy seeing that Manchester City won.

This is because teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, Man United, Newcastle, and Tottenham are playing great football this season. Arsenal is currently in first place currently with 74 points, meanwhile Manchester City is in 2nd place with 70 points. Arsenal and Manchester City are the two candidates to win this season’s Premier League.

Meanwhile Arsenal have fundamental players like Odegard and Saka. Manchester City also have important players like Haaland and De Bryne. Erling Haaland has scored more hat-tricks in all competitions this season which is six than every other Premier League player combined, which is 5.

This is already impressive plus they have been winning their games in the Premier league and even in the Champions league. This past week they faced Bayern and totally destroyed them, 3-0 from goals from Bernardo Silva, Halaland and Rodri. This gives them an advantage over the away game in Germany. 

We interviewed some students to get their reaction to Manchester City winning their games. 

Freshmen student Colon Gomas stated, “Manchester City is a good team that plays in England, but I prefer my team that plays in Puerto Rico. I love my language and I love speaking it and I love acting Puerto-Rican. I also love watching these games at school in Mrs. Nelson’s class because we have Friday-Funday which I truly like and I am currently reading Enrique’s Journey which I felt connected to since I am Puerto Rican”.