Nicolas Cage’s Dracula makes Renfield one bloody sitcom

An american comedy horror film directed by Chris Mckay, starring Nicolas Cage (as Dracula)  and Nicholas Hoult (as Renfield) , a tortured aide, Renfield, to his narcissistic boss, Dracula, is forced to serve his needs.

renfield movie poster
Nicholas Cage produces the best Dracula Movie in a Bloody Long Time

From finding and serving him his prey to being at his beck and call, Renfield over the years has grown to despise his boss. As a part of a toxic relationship group, he realizes he can break away from Dracula to live his own life and do some good. 

In the film a city gang “The Lobos” are the most avoided gang in the city. Renfield begins twirled up into their world as he protects a police officer that was after a son of the Lobos, Teddy Lobo, who set out to get rid of Officer Rebecca Quincy. The gang sets out to find Renfield all whilst his boss finds out the good he’s been doing. Being chased down by the Lobos and Dracula, they join forces to fight against Renfield and Officer Quincy. 

All around the film is very funny but undeniably bloody. The film is obviously very unrealistic, but the vision for it was amazing. It’s a very fun, nonsense movie, and seeing Nicolas Cage play such a role was intriguing to watch. 

Although the film is full of comedic nonsense, it almost seems to send a message about toxic relationships, and to stray away from them or leave them for good. 

Overall it was a fun movie to watch as there was laughter all around while it played. If you’re into funny action movies this should be added to your list. It’s very bloody hence why it’s Rated R. I strongly recommend this movie to comedy/action lovers.