Fire SDG&E protesters call for a new energy boss in town

Since the recent rise of gasoline and electricity prices over the last two years due to the Russo-Ukraine war, many citizens across the world have struggled with the rising costs of their electricity bill. As this difficulty arises, many San Diegans are asking the city to cut ties with the private utility company San Diego Gas & Electric.

fire sdge protesters
San Diegans protesting outside of the SDG&E headquarters on Monday. (Denis Poroy, for The San Diego Union-Tribune)

“Rising energy costs can be a burden on households and communities, and it’s understandable why San Diegans are calling for change. As we navigate these challenges, it’s important to explore all options and consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of cutting ties with a private utility company like San Diego Gas & Electric.”

The company has caught the ire of many citizens as early as 2021, when natural gas prices sharply raised as a result of economic sanctions against Russia. Many, however, did not see the war as an economic reason to raise their cost of living in San Diego ever so sharply, especially when it’s already harsh.

“The impact of global events on our daily lives can be significant, and the rise in natural gas prices due to the Russo-Ukraine war is a clear example of this. The frustration and concern of San Diego residents is valid, and it’s important for their voices to be heard in finding a solution to the rising costs of living.”

The repercussions of escalating energy expenses extend beyond individual households and also affect businesses and the overall economy. Heightened energy costs can cause a decrease in consumer spending, reduced business investment, and an uptick in inflation, among other consequences.

Consequently, policymakers must meticulously deliberate the trade-offs involved in any resolution pertaining to energy prices and utility providers, while giving utmost importance to the welfare and interests of their constituents. Alternatively, many residents also hold concerns about the corporation’s contributions to climate change.

“The high cost of electricity is not only hurting our wallets, it’s also contributing to climate change. We need to transition to renewable energy sources and invest in a sustainable future for San Diego.”

Because of recent sentiments of cost and climate, many residents are suggesting that San Diego ends it’s contract with the Sempra Energy utility and move towards building a publicly owned utility.