Flower Fields In Carlsbad

Flowers in Carlsbad Fields.
Beautiful flowers in Carlsbad California are available to see. (Carlsbad Flower Fields Website)

Every year, the flowers in the Carlsbad California fields bloom for approximately ten weeks each year. 

Tickets to experience this wonderful event ranges from ten dollars to twenty-one dollars. You can go to the Flower Fields from now until May 14th, 2023. At the flower fields, there are many opportunities to have a lot of fun. There are opportunities like tractor wagon rides, can view of the American Flag of flowers, gardens, an orchid greenhouse, opportunities to pick blueberries, playgrounds, and so much more. 

There are many chances to take photos in front of the beautiful flower fields. You can bring cameras, phones, and tripods to take photos. If you want to bring any other equipment for your shoot, you must book a photo shoot within a 10-day advance. You can book a photo shoot on their website and find out more information here