Seniors prepare for graduation with a cap and gown photo shoot

Seniors Class of 2023 are preparing to take their Cap and Gown Photoshoot, as graduation and end of the year is approaching. Senior photos hold a significance to many students and family members because they will be able to look back at the memories after they graduate.

posing for cap and gown shoot
Seniors gathered in March for their Cap and Gown photo shoot. (Vivi Dinh)

Junior student Ayla Jones, states “I would be interested in buying a cap and gown to own and attending the photoshoot for my senior year. It is a good way for it to be a memory because you get to look back at the photos years from now.” 

 Maya Evans, a Senior Student at Canyon Hills High School, states “I was interested in attending the senior cap and gown photoshoot but ended up not going because I was busy. It is a good way to put the seniors in the spotlight, especially having the portraits on the 2022-2023 Canyon Hill yearbook”. 

Gio Hernandez, a Senior Student at Canyon Hills High School states “The senior cap and gown photoshoot is a good idea for seniors to take pictures for the memories, It is a good thing that the school provided this photoshoot for free for class of 2023.”

Jayleen Santana, a senior student at Canyon Hills High School States, “I attended the Senior cap and gown photoshoot on saturday at school to take my portraits, although it is not mandatory I wanted to attend because I am in yearbook class, and i enjoy the thought of looking back at my pictures.” 

Mariya Brown, a senior student attending Canyon Hills High School, “I went to take my senior cap and gown portraits. They had us wear the red cap and gowns and had a line for everyone to wait their turn to take the pictures. It was quick and easy to go through taking my photo. Taking senior portraits is a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially with preparing to graduate highschool within a few months. It is a good way to look back at my highschool years, and the journey I went through.”