Hogwarts Legacy Expands On the World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive open world RPG that extends the world of Harry Potter, with different mysteries and creatures. The game is a prequel to the Harry Potter series, set in the 1800s. You get to meet different students and teachers who assist you within Hogwarts, and they can teach you different spells and techniques.

Around the time of the game’s release, there was a controversy that sparked with the LGBTQ community. They had figured that those who bought and played the game were transphobic because of the things J.K. Rowling has said, and decided to boycott the game which would seem reasonable. Although, it doesn’t really change anything because J.K. Rowling had no involvement with the development of Hogwarts Legacy. So the only people it had effect on were the developers of the game, streamers, and reviewers.

The core aspects of the game are customization and exploration. You gain XP throughout the game and can use it to upgrade your spell work. Certain characters help you learn new spells, and you can upgrade them along the way. Most secrets and unlockables through the game can be found using different spells to reveal the mysteries hidden around you. 

The main story has a pretty generic fantasy feel to it. You create your own character, you have magic unique to you, you go against goblins and you’re put in dangerous situations. 

The combat is fun but it’s not very difficult. Majority of your attacks are ranged so you don’t have to get close to any creatures or enemies, you just keep your distance. Some of the types of attacks are interesting, you can cast explosives, light attacks, use potions, and they can be used on different types of enemies. 

The world is huge. It expands beyond Hogwarts, allowing you to explore the streets of Hogsmeade and different areas of the Forbidden Forest. With the areas being very large, they also have a lot to offer the player. You may encounter secrets, challenges, puzzles, side quests, obstacles, and different creatures.