Debate Rages: Should Our School Have a Mascot?

It’s a question that’s been debated among students for the new school year. Some believe a mascot represents school pride and tradition while others question its relevance after the recent mascot change. Is a mascot a symbol of unity or just an excuse to replace our old mascot? With differing opinions and emotions running high, the debate raises important questions about values, representation, and inclusivity.

CHHS pep rally before the mascot announcement
CHHS’ new mascot may not be wanted by all. (CHHS Yearbook)

Students in the school’s ASB class decided that the school’s mascot costume will have arms to stay on the more interactive side to cheer or dance during games or pep-rallies. Although it’s a very odd design, considering the mascot is a snake, it will likely give students the appearance of a lizard over a snake.

Jaela Ashley Blandon, Senior Cheerleader at Canyon Hills agrees with the mascot’s design.

“The mascot is really cool and I think it will add a newfound culture to the school,” she states, “But I do think the arms throw it off.”

Maurisio Huerta, Senior at Canyon Hills also agrees with Jaela’s opinion on the mascot having arms.

“It’s cool and all but the mascot shouldn’t have arms. They should’ve given it some pockets to put the arms in to look more like a snake when they aren’t using its hands.”

O’Ryan Nelson, Journalist at Canyon Hills, strongly believes that the school should not have a mascot at all.

“I think the school should make the snake mascot either have no arms or not give us any mascot since it would defeat the whole purpose of a snake since they have no arms to begin with .”