Liga Mx faces aggression from referee

On Saturday Apr 1, 2023 in the Mexican league, the game between America vs Leon was playing. The ref Fernando Hernandez kneed the player from Leon Romero in the groin.

liga mx ref knee
Fernando Hernandez kneed Leon player in the America vs Leon (image by TUDN network).

This caused him to fall in pain. Because of this Fernando Hernandez got a 12 game ban which means he will not be able to ref for the rest of the season. This game had lots of controversy because there were a lot of goals that didn’t count and fights between the players and even the managers. The manager of Leon had his shirt torn because of the manager of America. They both got a red card and had to leave the field.

The Liga MX has been in controversy for a long time when we add refs in the sentence because many fans blame the ref for their team losing. The ref either gives a team a penalty or marks “offsides” which infuriates the fans a lot. Many fans think that the league is corrupted and the refs favor one team which is called “America”.

Sophomore Daniel Zuniga stated, “That was a crazy game and I was glad I watched that game because it was very entertaining”

To add on, Sophomore Coolid Games stated, “ I didn’t know that the Mexican league was this entertaining, cause I only watch Puerto Rican games. And like I said before, I love my accent and I usually watch these games in Mr. V’s class. When I don’t have time to watch the whole game, I watch the replay in that class with my friend Anuel. I have come to love school including Chemistry and English”.