Outstanding students deserve privilege of open lunch

Restaurants like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Cotijas and more reside in Tierrasanta Town Center, a shopping area not even a street away from our very own Canyon Hills High School. Here, we have appetizing yet insatiable food for the abdominal void that is the average high school student’s stomach. To better satisfy their hunger, some students choose to bring or buy food before school. Some even go as far as to order some to the school in the third period, although only some are lucky enough to receive it. But who wants to wake up early or stay up late to pack/ make lunch? Who wants to pay a twelve-dollar delivery fee for some Mcdonald’s that’s not even a mile away? Who wants to eat the same school lunch every week? No one!

Now I’m no genius, but I think I have an easy solution to everyone’s issue; Open lunch. We have a variety of classic, delectable, and mildly inexpensive food in our vicinity. Why don’t we as a school utilize that advantage? I don’t actually know.

A delicious lunch selection that a student packed for themselves
A delicious lunch selection that a student packed for themselves (Savannah Richard)

Of course, this luxury wouldn’t be extended to just everybody. I’m thinking they’ll make us earn it with good grades, outstanding campus behavior/ participation, or some other academic accomplishment and then of course only those that could drive. But that’s a fair trade-off, at least in my opinion. 

All of this is not to say that school lunch is that bad either, though. I personally am a huge fan of the school’s chicken nuggets and buffalo chicken pizza. Not to mention the fact that they offer their food for free- excluding snacks available at the lunch kiosks for relatively reasonable prices- we’re lucky to have the opportunity to eat generally good food without being charged. 

But you know, packing lunch isn’t so bad, it creates a routine in the morning or whenever you choose to pack, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your lunch spot to nourish yourself. It’s convenient, easy, and you get to pick your own snacks. I just think I speak for most of the school when I say being given the ability to go out and get lunch outside of campus occasionally would be pretty cool.