“Teacher of the Year” arrested twice in sexual misconduct case

Voted one of the top five teachers of the year in San Diego County Jacqueline Ma, was arrested March 7 for sexual misconduct with a child under 14 years old.

teacher sexual misconduct 2023
Jacqueline Ma during her online trial (CBS 8)

Attending Lincoln Acres Elementary in the National City School District, Jacqueline Ma was charged with six felonies. She was held on a $100,000 bail and set to appear in court on March 9. 

Jacqueline had been with the district since 2013 and was chosen as one of the top five recipients of a “Teacher of the Year” award. 

The National City police have received a phone call from a concerned parent who suspected her thirteen year old son was having an inappropriate relationship with a teacher, officers then proceeded to have probable cause to arrest Ma. 

National City Police detectives said the investigation was ongoing and developed more probable cause to re-arrest Jacqueline and book her upon 14 new felony charges, including knowingly developing, duplicating, printing, and exchanging child pornography. 

On March 13, Ma made a video appearance before a judge. During the hearing the media learned new details regarding videos and photos of the victim. 

She was found to have these photos in her wallet, possess jewelry with his initials and in her classroom, love letters. In the letters she expressed jealousy and frustration with the student for talking to other girls. 

If convicted of all fifteen charges, Ma will face up to 29 years in state prison.

This case is very sickening as a child should never have to go through this, and an adult should know better than to force that upon a child. 

Children being exploited to these conditions should never happen anywhere let alone on their school campus where they should always feel safe. You should never feel you have to do something you don’t feel comfortable with and know is wrong. 

If you or someone you know is in this position, reach out to a trusted adult for help. You should never feel like you need to keep it to yourself, reach out and get the help you need.