48 arrested in San Diego in massive human trafficking bust

San Diego officials reported on Tuesday that an operation against human trafficking was carried out by law enforcement, resulting in the rescue of eight children and the apprehension of 48 individuals.

sdpd outside an apartment
San Diego police officers made tens of arrests in relation to human trafficking. (SDPD)

“Operation Better Pathways” took place from January 9th to February 10th, which included law enforcement monitoring of “regions in San Diego and National City notorious for sexual exploitation.” San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit stated that the operation focused on Dalbergia and Roosevelt Streets.

Officials stated at a Tuesday press conference that the “Operation Better Pathways” task force utilized video surveillance and undercover units to keep a close watch on neighborhoods for potential victims, traffickers, or buyers.

Police reported that a total of 16 people who were being trafficked, including eight children, were rescued. The youngest among the children was a 13-year-old girl, who has since been reunited with her family.

One of the children who were rescued was a 13-year-old, while a 17-year-old girl and her pregnant 21-year-old sister also received assistance services.

Officials revealed that during the operation, the police utilized various investigative methods, including pole cameras established by the task force, to put a stop to sexual exploitation and human trafficking as it happened.

This operation was a segment of a continuing attempt to put an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the region. A few local authorities are of the belief that this objective has been complicated by the passing of a state bill last year.

Following the operation, support services were offered to those who were rescued. The rescued individuals were able to access these services to receive assistance.