Subway changes their ways and their meat

Sandwich franchise Subway discarding of pre sliced meats, adapting to on site sliced meat for their sandwiches.

subway sandwich
Subway will soon their their process for cutting meat, shifting to carving each day in-store. (Today Show)

Trying to further promote their tagline “Eat Fresh”, Subway is saying goodbye to their stock of pre sliced meat, and saying hello to slicing meat on site for their sandwiches. 

The franchise has announced they will be  installing “in-store slicers”. Like some of the chain’s competitors who also slice their meat on site such as Jersey Mikes (who slices the meat right in front of customers), Subway will be following a batch-slicing process that will be expected to be done in the morning and afternoon. 

“Subway changing the way they are doing things is pretty cool, the meat will be more fresh for us, and personally seeing it get sliced makes it more appetizing than just grabbing it from a pile” Senior Alissa Ketchum voiced. 

Originally, Subway was receiving pre-sliced and frozen meats from various vendors, as well as slicing meat in one main facility and shipping the meats to each location. As prices have been increasing and essentials have been in short supply, Subway executives say that on site slicers will save money on shipping costs and will help better advertise their tagline.

Subway CEO John Chidsey told CNN, Not only does it give the guest a better perception of seeing the nice, fluffy meat, but we save a lot of money since we were paying a lot of money to have it sliced upstream.”