Cold Weather Continues in San Diego

As February comes to an end, cold weather persists for the students of Canyon Hills.

cold weather in san diego
Cold weather has plagued San Diegans this winter who are used to much warmer temperatures in the coldest months.
(O’Ryan Nelson)

Complaints of cold weather had started around last week, and have been persistent, as the cold weather and constant rain has led to many students having to accommodate for their surroundings.

“This cold weather has made walking around at lunch a lot more difficult,” says Senior Jason Dan. 

With the cold weather and the rain seeming to only be continuing as February ends, many are hopeful that March will bring more tolerable weather for Canyon Hills. Although March is the beginning of spring, students may not see the beginning of warmer weather until later into the month, as forecasts show cold temperatures and rain in the near future of San Diego.

Many weather related incidents have been seen around California, whether it be the snow in Los Angeles, or a heavier cloud of snow in the mountains, many have been perplexed by the seemingly out of nowhere cold storm over the Golden State.

It’s expected that colder temperatures will arise during the winter season,  but this phenomenon of extreme coldness and wind has left many eager for the sunlight of California to return in the spring.

“It’s weird seeing such cold weather in California, but I think it’ll get warmer soon,” says Senior Alex Arellano.

Regardless of whether or not the weather will get better, it’s clear just how much a sprinkle of bad weather can affect the school lives of Californians.