Karol G breaks records with her new album

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, mostly known as Karol G, is a Colombian super-model and artist who has broken many records. For example, the Colombian artist was the first Latina to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify.

To add on, her song “Location”, with J Balvin and Anuel AA made it #6 in the hot Latin songs chart. Anuel AA was a fundamental piece in Karol G’s career. Anuel aa stated in Alofoke’s interview, “ My dream was for her{Karol G} to be known in Puerto Rico … She was the first Colombian to do a concert of 20,000 people and I was part of that process so I had to be there”.

Student doing a thumbs up
Junior student Alfredo Suarez is showing support to one of his favorite artists Karol G. (Gio Hernandez)

Anuel is the most respected in Puerto Rico and has the whole music industry in Puerto Rico on his shoulders. His son Bad Bunny also helped Karol G expand her talent around the world with “Ahora me llama”.

Anuel AA and his brother Ozuna have made the music genre go worldwide. Anyways, Karol G, the most beautiful Columbian, announced her album “Manana Sera Bonito” on January 25, 2023. Karol G is a supermodel that has attracted many people but her ex Anuel AA is the daddy of the whole Puerto Rican Industry. 

Students in Canyon Hills High School have their opinions about Anuel AA and Karol G.

“I love Anuel AA because since I’m Puerto Rican, I feel connected to him and whatever he sings, hits my heart”, says Junior student Collen Gomes says

Junior student Alredo Suarez states, “ Karol G is in my playlist and I love her songs, my ex used to listen to her. She just brings me good memories.” Suarez also states, “I also love my dog Kux because it reminds me of her dog.”

Karol G made a song dissing Anuel AA for cheating even though she publicly admitted in an interview that she has also cheated as well. This just proves that Anuel AA and Ozuna are the fathers of the industry and they both receive hate because their superstars and their son Bad Bunny could never maintain the pressure that they have had for many years.

The album earned the biggest debut for a female Spanish album in Spotify history. She also placed number 1 globally in albums at Apple Music. To continue, Karol G is the 2nd biggest female album debut in the history of youtube.

I believe that her album reached number 1 on many platforms because she disses her ex Anuel in many songs which is understandable. Karol G knows that her breakup with Anuel will get her more famous which is what she did with this album. Anuel AA is focused on himself right now and he has posted videos of himself at the gym trying to become better physically and mentally. Meanwhile, Karol G is still trying to diss Anuel through songs and is still in the past.