Boy’s Volleyball Season at CHHS

The boy’s volleyball season at chhs is off to a great start with their first tournament at High Tech High Mesat and second day at West Hills last Friday going 2-3.

Volleyball is a popular sport played worldwide, typically consisting of two teams of six players on each side. The objective of the game is to score points by hitting a ball over a high net and landing it within the opposing team’s court while preventing the other team from doing the same. The game begins with a serve from one team to the other. The receiving team must pass the ball among their players to set up an attack, and the attacking team must try to hit the ball over the net in a way that makes it difficult for the other team to return it. A point is scored when the ball lands in the opposing team’s court, or when the other team makes a mistake such as hitting the ball out of bounds or failing to return it properly.

sophomore Jared Santos
Sophomore Jared Santos playing with his team to try and win (Jayce Lay)

The boy’s varsity team consists of mostly juniors and sophomores. Marley Brownell and Alex Davis are the only two seniors on the team. 

Junior player Matthew Lopez said, “ I feel really good about our team this year and feel like we can make it far in playoffs.” 

Another Junior player Kai Rast said “ This is a really fun team and playing with them this year will be a blast” 

Boy’s Volleyball Coach, Coach Taylor,  talked about how volleyball is a game of communication and momentum and stated “ The boys this year have a great connection with many of them playing last year and them all talking out on the court will be a big advantage this year. They also know how to get past a point lost without getting up upset or blaming themselves, all together they are an amazing team” (Taylor)

Overall the boy’s team is looking like they will have a great season.