She’s back! Rihanna demonstrates she still has it, even while pregnant

The Super Bowl is known for having extraordinary half-time performances by well-known and revered artists, but over the past years, it has been lacking.

There has not been a Superbowl performance that has topped Katy Perry’s 2015 appearance since, but Rihanna might have just been the spark to bring back good performances.

Rihanna didn’t top Katy Perry, in my opinion, but she brought energy and life to her show. It felt as though you were experiencing a Rihanna concert from home.

Rihanna singing “Diamonds” as her last song for the night while on a floating platform.
Rihanna singing “Diamonds” as her last song for the night while on a floating platform.
(Andy Lewis)

Opening with one of her most popular songs, “B**** Better Have My Money,” to get the crowd pumped, and continued to sing songs such as “Diamonds”, “Needed Me”, “Run This Town” and “All of the Lights.”

“It was good, it wasn’t crazy over the top, but I get it she’s pregnant,” senior Camm Thigpen stated. “This was her warm-up, the dancers were good, though.”

Although she did a well-performing solo, many people thought that Rihanna would’ve brought out Jay-Z and maybe even Drake for songs such as “Umbrella” or “Run This Town,” as it was also hinted by her that a special guest could make an appearance.

“I thought Rihanna would open with Desperado and close with Jay Z on Run this Town,” Twitter user @emilyoneill81 stated. “I did NOT see this guy being the only special guest on the lineup.”

Even though her not bringing any special guest out caused waves, her using the performance to announce her second pregnancy took social media by storm, leaving many in shock as she just gave birth last May.

“I was in shock!” senior Vivi Dinh stated. “I was not expecting that at all, but I’m happy for her.”

Although many loved her performance, some thought otherwise.

“Y’all #Rihanna felt low energy to me!?!” Twitter user @EricaDeLong tweeted. “Thoughts? #SuperBowlLVII The floating platforms were cool!”

Although Rihanna’s Superbowl performance wasn’t as extravagant as those in the past, and she did dance less than other performers, it is important to keep in mind that she’s pregnant, which can limit the amount that she dances.

Also, we must consider how she was in Arizona, which had temperatures in the 70s with a stadium packed with thousands of people. That could cause it to feel two to three degrees warmer.

Also, factoring in many other aspects such as light and clothing, it can become hot quickly. Considering she was performing for thirteen minutes straight, that can be a lot for a pregnant woman.

This is not the end of Rihanna as many expect more things to come, not only the possibility of more performances, but even an album might be on the horizon, and who knows, maybe we’ll see her at the Superbowl again with many more stars.