Ethan Salas signs with Padres at just 16 years old

His brother was once the spotlight of all of baseball, but now he is the man of San Diego. Sixteen year old Venezuelan bigtime backstop Ethan Salas is now a part of the San Diego Padres.

The San Diego Padres signed 16 year old Ethan Salas to a landmark contract in January of this year. (El Pitazo)

Born on June 1st, 2006 in Kissimmee, FL, Salas was first recognized when his brother was getting scouted by big league clubs. Salas’ brother Jose Salas Jr., is a top prospect within the Miami Marlins organization, but that’s not where the big league ties start, Salas’ dad Jose Antonio Salas Sr, his uncle Jose Gregorio Salas Jr., and his grandfather Jose Gregorio Salas Sr., all played in the big leagues.

Salas is considered a 5-tool player which means he can hit for power, he can hit for average, he can run the bases really well, has ridiculously insane fielding skills (which for catching that means he exceeds in framing, blocking, and throwing runners out) and on top of all of that he has an incredible amount of arm strength, that is unheard of for a catcher. 

Catching is one of the hardest positions to play in baseball, so for Salas to be only 16 years old and be a part of a big league club is a big deal. 

Salas is already being compared to one of the best catchers of all time: Joe Mauer, who was a big time left-handed bat with incredible defensive skills. These comparisons must mean that, along with Fernando Tatis Jr., Salas will be the face of the Padres franchise in years to come.

Mr. Salas signed his contract on Sunday January 15th this year, which was the first day of international signing day. He also received a 5.6 million dollar signing bonus. Think about this, you are the age you are now and receive 5.6 million dollars for doing something you love – what would you even do with all of that money?