How the hold up on House Speaker reflects the issues of our political world

Just weeks ago the nation was at the edge of their seats waiting for the verdict on a House Speaker, while the House was too busy bickering amongst themselves. Even though we’ve had political debates that raged throughout the countries before, this one spells a different, and worse tale for the future of the country.

The House Speaker debacle has repercussions for the future of this country. (Lawrence Jackson—Official White House Photo)

The political divide within the country is one that has been rapidly expanded in recent years and has proven to be a core issue that this country has had to face and deal with for nearly its entire history.

Even in the age of progression and the age of rapid societal advancements, we still have simple issues, like the inability to choose a House Speaker, that can cause such distress, frustration, and potential disorder throughout the country. Many would be inclined to agree that the time that is wasted in this country’s political world on bickering over arbitrary “red vs blue” arguments are dragging us down as a country severely, and must be remedied or majorly toned down for the sake of actually meaningful political debate and political action in the Legislative Branch. 

The House Speaker trouble also spells out a bad time for political action in this country, if things continue at the trajectory they are going at. If the Republicans cannot even agree amongst themselves over a House Speaker, what does that mean for when they have come together with Democrats and vote/debate over the many hot button issues this country has in the modern age?

Although both parties have a part to play in the growing divide in this country, in this specific situation, a small, but noticeable chunk of the Republican Party can be blamed for a majority of the issues that have risen in this country over the last 6 years, as their obsession with Trump continues on, as they cannot fathom the idea of abandoning his policies and his political influence for the sake of the country. 

It’s time that the rest of the Republican Party stood up and rejected the ideals of the Trump extremists in the House, and in politics in general, and take action to prevent them from using their power to overrun politics with Trump extremism and to prevent them from forming cliques within the party that divide things more than they already are.

In the age we live in, division between political parties is an issue that cant be solved in a single action or a single day. It may never be solved, but the least we can do is to try and coexist in a way that helps further the country’s development.