Andrew Tate fans protest his arrest

Many Andrew Tate fans have begun protesting as the Romanian social media star remains arrested on money laundering charges.

andrew tate
Protest continues after Andrew Tate’s arrest for human trafficking. (Andrew Tate)

Despite the major controversies that Tate has gone through in his recent time of fame, many are still advocates for him and stand behind him during his time of arrest at the hands of Romanian police.

Tate’s arrest had already stirred up some protest and worry among fans, but that was mostly contained within the realms of social media and the internet, at least until now.

Although they aren’t massive in scale compared to other protests around the world, many protests have begun, like the one recently held in Greece, of mostly young men protesting against Tate’s arrest, all while chanting, “Free Top G,” which is a nickname given to him by fans during his meteoric rise to fame throughout 2022. As protests of fans continue, many of Tate’s detractors have used this time as an opportunity to go against Tate and bring up previous controversies the figure has gone through.

Many people have brought up his previous allegations of human trafficking, assault, and offensive tweets, none of which have made a significant change in his loyalty of his fan base. Many of his supporters have also pointed out that Tate is being held under money laundering charges, with no mention of human trafficking or sexual assault charges.

As the Tate saga continues, and the battle between his fans and detractors rages on, its certainly sets in stone the effect a single social media star can have over the internet with their every action, even with their arrest.