Corvette E-Ray Specs and Detail Revealed

Chevrolet has officially released the specs and information on the Corvette E-Ray. The E-Ray’s name is a combination of sorts, the E standing for electric and the Ray aspect being in reference to the Corvette suffix, that being stingray, The E-Ray is the first ever Hybrid.

Corvette E-Ray, Worthy successor to the corvette?
Corvette E-Ray Specs and Details Revealed. (Michael Simari)

The Chassis is made up of the LT2 6.2 Liter V8 engine powering the rear tires and a 160 Horsepower Electric drive Motor powering the front tires, totaling the Horsepower at 655 with this also being the first and so far only AWD Corvette.

Furthermore, it is faster than the Zo6, marginally, It is faster in 0-60 by exactly 0.1. Seconds, at 2.5 seconds total vs the Zo6’s 0-60 of 2.6 seconds; while yeah it’s technically faster, personally I doubt you’re really going to notice a major difference in speed or acceleration.