Sony’s ‘Missing,’ a heartwarming suspense

Sony Pictures Missing is a heartfelt mystery that keeps viewers both on edge and absorbed into the narrative.

missing movie poster
Missing is a heartwarming movie that will also keep you in suspense. (Sony Entertainment)

Missing follows eighteen year old June and her mother Grace. June, an only child who lost her father when she was very young, and is very stubborn towards her mother. June’s mother is planning on taking a trip outside of the country with her new boyfriend, leaving June at home alone for the week. As the week passed June then was told to pick the two up from the airport. Arriving at the airport, and standing with a sign for her mom, June soon realizes she’s not coming back home. Using all of the technology at her fingertips, June goes on her own manhunt for her mother. Although searching for her, raises more questions than answers. 

The entire film is shown from the perspective of Junes laptop which she uses throughout the movie to connect the dots on her mothers whereabouts. 

This mystery search for Grace’s disappearance opens up unanswered questions, lies, and secret pasts’. June soon finds out her mothers boyfriend is an ex-con man who would take women’s money. She then goes on to reveal that her mother also has a hidden past she never knew about. 

Not only is the film dramatic, it is very touching and shows the relationship between a mother and her daughter. Having lost her mother for so long, June begins to realize she doesnt show her mom the appreciation and love she has for her. 

Missing is full of twists and turns, lies and secrets, and motivates viewers to keep engaged to witness what might happen next. 

The feeling surrounding how the movie is shot off of security cameras and Junes laptop, gives it a very eerie and realistic feel. It almost doesn’t feel like a fictional movie, the directors gave it a sense of reality. 

Overall Missing is a suspenseful-thriller, yet also represents a very positive moral meaning, and should be added to everybody’s watch list.