Calling all athletes! Spring sports tryouts quickly approach

Approaching the end of the winter season means Canyon Hills High School athletes are getting ready for upcoming spring sports tryouts.

badmitton athletes at practice
Canyon Hills’ Badminton team enjoying the last practice of the previous season. (Katherine Bui)

Starting the season out prepared, athletes are putting their best foot forward to make the season long lasting. Some teams are holding weekly conditioning sessions to get their athletes ready.

“It sort of negates any kind of slacking you’ve been doing beforehand, so it gets you into the rhythm. I’ve been trying to condition myself before the season starts so I feel ready during tryouts,” 10th grader Jozef  Bautista says. 

Every athlete has their own purpose or benefit from participating in school sports, whether it be meeting new people or getting to experience being part of a team.

“I’m excited but also really nervous about tryouts so I hope I can make the cut. It’s my last year at CHHS so I want to make some memories with my team before I leave,” 10th grader Lio Castaneda says.

Each year, students have the opportunity to try out for sports during all different seasons, and teams expect the best effort out of everyone.

A sign with tryout dates will be posted by the front of school on Monday, January 30th. There is an expected meeting for all spring sports during lunch that day in the gym for more information on specific sports. Make sure to complete registration on Athletic Clearance. For more updates, check out @rattler.athletics on Instagram.