Project showcase: Graphic Design students take on the role of magazine designers

In the Graphic Design 1-2 class taught by Chris Pedersen, students have learned most if not all the features available in Photoshop. Through many tutorials and mini projects, the most recent of which students have finished is a project where they had to create their own magazine cover.

Not only were they making the cover, but they were also making their own original magazine name and articles that would hypothetically be in the magazine. This lets the students explore their interests and have fun whilst also working hard to achieve personal perfection. 

So now, in no particular order, here are some of those magazine covers!

1. ‘Maroon’ by Kendra Aguilar

Taylor Swift, Music, Fashion, Artist, Midnights
‘Maroon’ (Kendra Aguilar)

2. ‘Styyl’ by Mayra Mejia

Kim Jennie, BLACKPINK, K-Pop, Fashion, Artist, Born Pink
‘Styyl’ (Mayra Mejia)

3. ‘Crytography’ by Ai Ling Chan

Sana, Twice, JYP, J-Pop, Music, Celebrate
‘Crytography’ (Ai Ling Chan)

4. ‘Chaeri’ by Grace Park

Fashion Trends, 2022 Fashion, Style
‘Chaeri’ (Grace Park)

5. ‘Sound Wave’ by Bailey Cammock

Tyler the Creator, Artist, Hip-Hop, Rap, Call Me If You Get Lost
‘Sound Wave’ (Bailey Cammock)

6. ‘Musicianist’ by Gabby F.

SZA, R&B, Music, Artist, SOS
‘Musicianist’ (Gabby F.)