School’s headphone policy causing headaches

 The policy at Canyon Hills High School is strictly no phones and headphones in classrooms.

The use of headphones distracts from conversations among classmates and makes them less productive. Headphones shouldn’t be allowed unless the class teacher specifically states otherwise. Safety and well-being are just one of the many reasons to forbid its use. Teachers and administrators want to establish a community of young individuals who are open to one another, can communicate well, and listen without interruption.

student working without headphones
Headphones have been banned at CHHS, but students argue that they improve concentration. (Vivi Dinh)

Many teachers in fact don’t mind the use of headphones, as long as you are not disturbing your class with blasting music and doing your class work independently. The use of headphones, music, can significantly enhance learning strategies and concentration. Many students go to school with anxiety, headphones can benefit with the help of calming down stressed students who tend to have things going on mentally. 

Ava, a Junior student from Canyon Hills High School, states that she is against the highschool policy. 

“As long as you are not bothering or disturbing anyone around you, I don’t see a problem with having your headphones in while in a classroom environment”, she says,“ As long as my teacher doesn’t mind, I use my headphones during class. It helps me concentrate and get through my class work quicker.”

Jayleen Santana, Senior student from Canyon Hills High School mentions that although she understands the headphone policy. Students can take advantage of Headphone usage and not follow through class instructions, listening to their teachers. Specific students can ruin the opportunities for other students who do not cause distractions in the classroom. 

Jayleen expresses, “Oftentimes us students enjoy having our headphones in, helping with focus and stress.” 

Kody, Senior student from Canyon Hills High School states, “ I completely understand the restrictions teachers have for students, Headphones are a distraction for many students leading them to not follow instructions or play their music over their teacher going over class guidelines”.