Traditional vs Year round school: Which is better?

Traditional education, also known as the standard education system, is the best method of education. Traditional education is a well-organized establishment with acceptable classrooms, buildings, and teaching faculties. Everything that is taught is planned in advance, including both regular and extracurricular activities. Daily, students and teachers are placed in a classroom where they conduct discussions and lectures on a variety of subjects. They feel more involved because they can share their knowledge with one another.

The pros of traditional education are that Traditional schools use grading systems all over the world. It teaches students to be conscientious and aware throughout the academic year and helps them endure procrastination. A degree from a traditional educational system is incredibly beneficial. 

Traditional V. year round at Canyon Hills Highschool
Traditional Schedule at Canyon Hills High School (Vivi Dinh)

While the cons are, managing time for traditional college can be difficult when you also have to earn a living. It takes up your entire day with various activities organized by the school. Traditional schools do not allow for international interaction, but online colleges do. 

Year-round School schedules have longer breaks during the school year which leads them to a shorter summer break of 1 month.  The same 160 to 180 days of education are provided by year-round school calendars as they are by the standard nine-month school year. The difference is that in the summer you’re still attending school, and school breaks are spread out throughout the year. 

Pros of year-round schools are that there are Evenly distributed breaks for vacations, and reduced learning loss over summer break. Cons are teens have a lower chance of applying for summer jobs, students don’t get summer sports, and it can be challenging to pay teachers for year-round work.

Natalie Winslow, a junior at Canyon Hills High School, mentions that she has attended traditional schools throughout her entire educational experience. “I prefer traditional to year-round schools because I would rather put in a lot of effort throughout the school year, allowing me to enjoy summer more, rather than attending class when my family and friends are on break.

Maya Evan, a Senior student at Canyon Hills High School,  implies that traditional schooling is much more beneficial than traditional because students enjoy a longer break over the summer to travel and spend more time with people who she doesn’t see often.