How To Cope With Stress

Stress is something that’s plagued the human race for as long as one can remember. You or someone you know have more than likely been stressed out about health relations, family, relationships, and just about every other obligation given to you as a living breathing person. At times, it can feel as if this worry may never lift itself off of your shoulders. As if you will forever be tormented by constant anxiety for something. 

graphic for dealing with stress
Student who is experiencing stress from school work and is overwhelmed.
(Haley Harville)

While it is unfortunate that these mental ailments aren’t able to relieve themselves, there are things you can do to cope with/ avoid stress. There are a number of methods according to, such as; 

  • Avoiding consistently tuning into websites and other areas that contain stories about traumatizing world events. Keeping yourself in the loop of things going on in your area is important, but try to recognize when it is taking too much of an emotional toll on your mental health and distance yourself.
  • Staying in check with your physical health and hygiene. This could be doing things like exercising, eating healthy, and setting aside time out of your day to take care of yourself in ways that aren’t harmful. (i.e night time routines) 
  • Taking time out of your day to do things you enjoy. A lot of stress stems from a person’s workplace or education responsibilities. If possible, try to set aside time in your week to participate in personal hobbies, spending time with friends, or even just relaxing in the comfort of your own bed for a while. 
  • Most importantly, reaching out for help. Everyone in your life has been stressed out about something, maybe even the same things you have. Even if someone can’t do anything about what’s going on, just relating to someone or voicing your thoughts out loud can help a lot. If you’re uncomfortable with speaking to a loved one, try and reach out to a mental health professional readily available to you. You can also reach out to your local mental health professional in school if you need help coping. 

There are many coping methods for dealing with stress, so it’s important to take a mindful minute. According to Canyon Hills Mental Health center, these methods are;

  • Belly breathing before you go to sleep. To practice belly breathing, sit down in a comfortable chair, sit up straight and put your hands on your belly or if it’s more comfortable you can lay down. Close your mouth and take a slow, deep breath in through your nose. When you breathe in, you want your belly to fill with air and get bigger like a balloon.”
  • Exercise. Exercise plays a big part in your mental health due to your body releasing endorphins. Going on a mindful walk is a great way to become calm and relaxed, when going on a walk you can also use the 54321 method. 
  • 54321 Method. A device that lessens panic attacks and anxiety symptoms.
    • Focus on five things you can see.
    • Focus on four things you can touch.
    • Focus on three things you can hear.
    • Focus on two things you can smell.
    • Focus on one thing you can taste. 

This is helpful because it helps ground you and keeps you at the moment for anxiety. Going for a walk “can help with reducing anxiety because your eyes moving side to side deactivates the amygdala. Meaning, you can rationalize your emotions without fear of perception.” (Mental Health Center)

  • Releasing your creative side. Another way of coping with stress is letting your creative self come out by coloring and drawing. This helps keep your mind at peace and distracts you from what you’re stressed about. Resourcing is also a great method, resourcing is when you think of a happy place you once experienced that brings you joy. 

After practicing some of these methods, you may find yourself better equipped to tackle stressful situations head-on. A clean mind is a clean life and soul, so it’s important to realize that ideology in your life.