‘Avatar 2: The Way of Water’, A three hour movie that’s worth your time

James Camerons’ Avatar 2 is a breathtaking fictional story following his former Avatar movie back in 2009. With a significant advance in SGI technology over the years, the visuals and movie experience are in fact one to admire.

Avatar 2 Way of Water trailer image
Avatar 2: Way of Water has a run time over 3 hours, but that hasn’t deterred throngs of fans from visiting the theater to see the long awaited film. (Avatar.com)


The movie follows characters Jake Sully and his now wife Ney’tiri, who have formed their own family since the last movie. The family is still being tormented by Colonel Quartich who Jake and Ney’tiri had killed. Yet he was brought back as one of them, a Na’vi. Colonel sets out to get revenge on Jake because of the betrayal he bestowed on him. To keep his family safe, Jake moves his family far away from their home with another clan known as the Metkayina. The Metkayina clan are an oceanic clan, who live amongst the ocean and have particular features that make them great swimmers/divers. Jake and his family, being from a completely different part of Pandora, must adapt to their way of water. Once adapted to their way of life, the family and the Metkayina clan are troubled with the arrival of what they call “sky people” also known as humans. Clans surrounding the Metkayina begin to be attacked by the “sky people ” lead by Colonel Quartich. The attacking of the other clans begins a war between the Na’vi and the sky people. 

The movie visuals are absolutely breathtaking. The fictional Pandora itself is a very magical place. The lighting, the colors and the music all put together into one frame in every part of the movie, make every second of it mesmerizing. Everything about the movie is fake, it is all SGI and in a studio, and this fact makes the film even more astounding. The realism of the movie makes viewers dream about Pandora.  

The very high budget for the movie was all put to the best use. With its 250 million USD budget, every penny spent is shown in every frame. 

With all of the underwater scenes, most might believe the actors being underwater was a part of SGI. While most of them spent up to five minutes underwater shooting and swimming. The dedication to the film that the cast has is very admirable. 

Although some might find that sitting through a three hour movie can be an arduous task, if you admire all the hard work, and incredible things SGI can create then every second is worth it. 

Avatar fans can commend the hard work the cast did to put this story together. And cannot wait to see what the rest of the Avatar series has to show.