Colorado Springs LGBTQ community faces travesties following a shooting

An LGBTQ+ nightclub was victim of a massacre, killing 5 people and fatally wounding more than 20. Named Anderson Lee Aldrich, the shooter was found to have entered the nightclub with a rifle and intent.

tributes to victims amassed after a shooting in colorado
Memorial made for the victims of the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs.
(Photo by Jason Connolly/Getty Images.)

It was around eleven at night, when Aldrich entered the club and started shooting rapidly. Some victims were dancing or grabbing a drink before they were struck with Aldrich’s assault rifle.

One victim, Barrett Hudson, told CNN he was shot seven times, but got “really, really lucky” because each bullet missed any vital organs of his. Some other uninjured victims even said they believed there was originally more than one shooter because of the amount of shots ringing throughout the club within a matter of minutes.

The suspect was only able to be restrained after one of the club’s visitors had tackled them to the floor and pinned them till police came.

The court plans on charging Aldrich on 305 counts, with them being on first-degree murder, attempted first-degree, hate crimes and assault.

Aldrich has had an involvment in criminal activity, by releasing a bomb threat in 2021, where he exclaimed about being “the next mass shooter.” Although Aldrich made serious threats, none of the victims, Aldich’s family members, were willing to testify against him, making the charges dropped by the judge. 

In 2014, Colorado Springs was ranked the 4th most conservative city in America, with the town being a hotspot for active duty military members and retired members. Club Q, the LGBTQ+ club turned massacre, was previously called “a safe haven” and a “sanctuary” for the LGBTQ community, in a city where their unique identities weren’t as accepted. 

While the LGBTQ+ community of Colorado Springs is mourning the deaths and injuries that occured at the club, they also experienced the loss of a place to turn when they want to be around people who will accept them or relate to them.