Upcoming Movie Night featuring: Home Alone

Prepare yourself students of Canyon Hills because the school will be holding its second movie night after school, on the 16th at 6 pm, playing the original Home Alone movie for all students and their families to see. 

Planned by the ASB, the movie night will be a fun experience for all students as it will be held in front of the 1000 building.

“It’s a big fundraiser for the clubs and sports and it’s a school bonder for all students,” ASB Vice President Audrey Ritchie said. 

Holiday, Home Alone, Movies
The classic holiday movie Home Alone will be played at the movie night (Disney Plus)

Much like the last movie night, there will also be snacks sold during the movie by student ran clubs and winter sports here on campus.

“Last movie night I was able to spread my Filipino culture by selling Bibingka,” Multicultural Club President Arndrew Torres said. “And, I was thinking about doing something similar this movie night with a different dish”.

So if you are on the edge of hopping on the movie night train, then coming to this event and buying yourself something can also be a great way to support many clubs and sports here on campus.

“I saw all types of students at the last movie night,” student Benzen Raspur said. “It was enjoyable meeting with friends and being able to socialize with new people”.

And if this movie night is anything like the last one, students can be sure that the experience will be more than just a fun experience. 

So be sure to bring some warm and cozy clothes Canyon Hills, because this coming holiday movie night is going to be a memorable one.