Students protest after football coach is fired

In recent events, Football coach and teacher, Brandon Harris was fired from the staff. Harris was fired

canyon hills football team stands together
Canyon Hills High School football players were angry and disappointed to learn of the firing of their coach by school administration. (Josh Arreola)

for unknown reasons, possibly because of the the football team’s record and performance in each of their games.

One player I spoke to believes that the coach was fired because of their records for wins and losses. 

About two days after he was fired, players from the football team and few other students, approached the attendance office to protest. No results were made after their first day of protesting. The second day, players brought signs and stood outside waving their signs around and demanding for the staff to bring back coach. Again, there were no results from their protest.

It’s unknown on whether Coach Harris will return as a staff member, or if he’ll be back to coach for our school.