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The Student News Site of Canyon Hills High School

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The Student News Site of Canyon Hills High School

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A delicious lunch selection that a student packed for themselves

Outstanding students deserve privilege of open lunch

Savannah Richard, News Editor March 20, 2023

Restaurants like McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, Cotijas and more reside in Tierrasanta Town Center, a shopping area not even a street away from our very own Canyon Hills High School. Here, we have appetizing...

The change in time from daylight savings has made studying harder for students as they struggle to fight through the sleepiness

Daylight savings is not worth the trouble

Kevin Olivares, Layout Manager March 20, 2023

The feeling of waking up groggy and tired is a feeling equally understood and hated by many. And, although it can be caused due to our own carelessness the night before, at times it can be out of our...

A banner in the hallway to promote the powderpuff game.

Poll: Seniors Vs. Juniors, Who Will take the Powderpuff Win?

Ayla Jones, Social Media Manager March 20, 2023

Powder Puff switches the common roles in football as girls now take the field as the players and boys are on the sideline coaching and cheering their team on.  This fun popular high school game will...

The War on Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves Debate Continues

Austin Young, Staff Writer March 7, 2023

Gas Stoves were under investigation on whether or not they were dangerous to Young Children. It is unclear as to where it began but why it all started was due to a concern to do with early onset Asthma,...

A picture of the stunning visuals in Dead Space

Dead Space Remake: What a remake should be

Josh Arreola, Staff Writer March 7, 2023

The original Dead Space franchise took the typical sci-fi horror genre and used it to make one of the best horror franchises in gaming. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who’s tasked to carry...

Student doing a thumbs up

Karol G breaks records with her new album

Gio Hernandez, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, mostly known as Karol G, is a Colombian super-model and artist who has broken many records. For example, the Colombian artist was the first Latina to reach 1 billion streams on...

sophomore Jared Santos

Boy’s Volleyball Season at CHHS

Jayce Lay, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

The boy's volleyball season at chhs is off to a great start with their first tournament at High Tech High Mesat and second day at West Hills last Friday going 2-3. Volleyball is a popular sport played...

Canyon Hills womens varsity soccer team posing for the win they took against Hoover.

Women’s Soccer Spotlight

Genavie Carachure, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

Soccer is a sport that comes with a captain or captains. Being a captain demonstrates your level of responsibility. To be a captain, you must be a leader who takes leadership, and respects teammates, coaches,...

Sixty count eggs at Walmart, that were previously sold for $13, currently priced at $30.

Avian flu causing nationwide egg shortage

Betty Desta, Opinion Editor March 1, 2023

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, prices for necessities have only increased tremendously, with gas prices experiencing a 90% rise and grocery prices going through a 35% rise in Ukraine, compared...

Rhianna revealing her baby bump while singing during the Superbowl halftime show.

She’s back! Rihanna demonstrates she still has it, even while pregnant

Ayla Jones, Social Media Manager March 1, 2023

The Super Bowl is known for having extraordinary half-time performances by well-known and revered artists, but over the past years, it has been lacking. There has not been a Superbowl performance that...

Mental Health, Presidential, Presidential Term

State of the Union could affect young adults’ mental health

Kevin Olivares, Layout Manager February 22, 2023

The 2023 State of the Union made for Congress was broadcasted to show President Joe Biden’s plan and concerns for the rest of his term.  He addressed various topics within his speech, including major...

Babytron, Bin Reaper, New Album, Old Testament, New Testament

‘Babytron creates a legendary 2 part Magnum Opus of Music’

O’Ryan Nelson, Staff Writer February 21, 2023

As a new year approaches, some things stay the same as they always were. One thing that hasn’t changed is Detroit rapper Babytron's consistent release of music. The newest release in his legendary arsenal...

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