Is the new school bell system a necessary change?

Canyon Hills High School has implemented a new bell and warning system to replace or add onto the existing bell. The pre existing bell was a standard bell, basically an alarm clock blare, which, wasn’t time consuming and, wasn’t obnoxious.

chhs bell system
Canyon Hills’ new bell system has some students pining for the days of the alarm clock. (Austin Young)

The new bell on the other hand is stupid loud, and takes About 10 seconds to stop, it also appears as though the ring tone that plays is too loud for the speakers themselves which could lead to the speakers damaging themselves because of how ungodly loud the ringtone is. 

There seems to be little to no logical reasoning for this change, besides an attempt to wake the students up, or to give a more upbeat tone to signal the dismissal from class. 

Along with the absurd sound there is also a flashing blue light below the display screen on the unit, because the sounds weren’t enough, And to add onto all of that, the screen display itself shows a message every time it rings displaying  ‘Warning Bell.’ 

As though the new sound plus the old sound, and the flashing light weren’t enough there is a message on the screen to add onto that pile of signs that class is dismissed. 

Of all the features to use on these dismissal bell units, Why not use the fire alarm system, or the emergency system? These bell units are in every classroom even where the built in fire alarm system doesn’t work as well as it used to.